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I launched my business a few months ago in September 2017. When I first started, it took many forms. I have a diverse background and when I started looking for clients, I reached out to small businesses, bloggers, and nonprofits.

However, I recently decided that a more defined niche would be the best way for me to stand out in a sea of freelance marketers.

While trying to decide who my ideal target client should be, I began to reflect on all the hard work and growth I’ve had over these past few months. I’ve learned so many new skills, set up systems to smoothly manage my business, and even adopted a completely new mindset – one of a business owner, rather than an employee.


Mindset is one of the most challenging areas to improve, and for an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that you have to constantly be checking in with yourself. Sometimes we come across blockers that keep us from pushing the needle forward in our business, and we have to confront them honestly.

One of the ways I’ve been working on busting my own blocks is by working with a business coach. The one-on-one support and group coaching that I have been apart of has been nothing short of a life-changing for me. Every day I learn new techniques that help me show up and succeed in my business.


While I was thinking about this – something clicked. Why not position myself as a Marketing Manager for Coaches? I am so inspired every day by the coaches I follow online and work with regularly, that it is only natural that I focus my business on serving those that serve others.

And that’s just what I’m doing. If you are a holistic and heart-centered coach (business, career, life, fitness, nutrition, spiritual, etc.), I want to work with you. I want to help you shine online so you can attract more clients and guide and support them the way my coach has guided and supported me.

Take a look at my offerings and if you are ready to be more visible online and serve more people, don’t hesitate reach out.

You’ve always got everyone else’s back, but now I’ve got yours.